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Environmental education in the format of a business game
Digital version of Ecologic on Tabletopia - free and usefull!
Cards Against the Climate Crisis!

Watch our video from Now Play This Festival.
In this video Vitalijs Rodins presents the Tabletopian version of Ecologic.
+ You can also watch Carbon City Zero Game presented by its author.
About Us
Alexey Kolmakov is the head of the laboratory of marine mammals of FSBSI "State Research Institute of River and Lake Fisheries", marine mammal observer, individual entrepreneur in the field of environmental education.
Back in 2013, we decided to gather all our professional knowledge and experience in a convenient and concise form that is interesting and easily understandable for everyone. This is how the first version of the board game"Ecologic" appeared. The game brought together business-oriented thinkingand environmental awareness.
We were happy to see that people loved this approach :-)
Our game is popular with educational institutions (schools, universities), public/community spaces (environmental centers, libraries), specialized companies (such as environmental, mining, energy companies), as well as individuals (teachers, coachesand environmentally oriented youth).

We are proud that during the 6 years of the project's existence we have managed to benefit many people, find partners and like-minded people, and promote sustainable development and environmental education!

Our Germany Team
Vitalijs Rodins
Born in Latvia, Vitalijs has higher education in chemistry, environment and health. He discovered Ecologic in 2013, when the first version of the game had just been developed. He got immediately interested in both its thematic and gameplay aspects. He has participated in further development of Ecologic and its translation into English. Now Vitalijs lives in Germany, does his doctoral studies in environmental epidemiology, and actively participates in organizing local board game events.

Irina Kozban
Ira is a geo-ecologist and Master of Sciencе in Sustainable Resources Management. In the past years she has worked with topics of nature conservation and climate change, managing international projects. She is passionate about environmental awareness raising and sees Ecologic as a great tool to diversify awareness raising and educational work.

We are a small team of enthusiastic environmentalists, graduates of the biological faculty of St. Petersburg State University.

Marat Sabirov is a researcher at the Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry, senior lecturer at St. Petersburg State University and IT specialist in the laboratory of marine mammals of FSBSI "State Research Institute of River and Lake Fisheries".
Board Game Ecologic
We are currently working on the next English edition of Ecologic.
Do not hesitate to contact us in case you want to support us in issuing the game or if you wish to make a preorder.
Amazing educational board game about finding the environmental and economical balance!
Sometimes in order to start seeing you just need to open your eyes,
direct them to the right point and focus your attention.
If you want to learn something new in ecology, gamification,business games -
it's time to make a decision!
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Why Ecologic?
Why is Ecologic better than other similar games and projects
We are environmental scientists by education and profession, we love board games and we created one of the first environmental games on the national market.
The essence of Ecologic lies in understanding of ecological principles, broad abstraction, variability and excitement. With such features, it can serve as a great interactive educational tool for building your course.
If You order
You will get a powerful educational tool and a fun board game in one bottle, a quality product with possibility to get feedback from the developers in case of any concerns and issues.
Feel free to write to us in social media as well as by e-mail, and we will be happy to answer any questions.
Why us
For us Ecologic is our passion. We continue developing the project with love, taking into account the opinions and wishes of those who have already tested the game. Thanks to this, the newest version of the game features refined content and excellent ergonomics, design, mechanics and quality of materials.
This project aims at working together with all interested sides in a fun and thorough way, in order to support environmental education as an essential element of sustainable development.

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