Ecologic on Tabletopia

Environmental education in the format of a business game - Free digital edition
When you first click on the link to Tabletopia, you will see a pop-up with registration. You can come up with a name and log in as a guest (link for that) or via social networks, including the Steam gaming service.
We recommend the latter option as this will give you the advantage of creating a game session.
After that, you will see another pop-up. Do not be afraid - it is surmountable =)
Just choose the leftmost option - Bronze, it is free.
Then click "–°ontinue with bronze and basic"
You will see your account with some information, but now we need the upper right corner - here in the search field, type Ecologic and click on the option that appears.
You are transferred to the game page inside Tabletopia. Here you can read about the game and see our links to social networks, but now we are interested in the "Play Online" button
Make sure you choose the correct language version of the game and open as many seats as you need
After that, you can share the invitation to the game with anyone - even with a person who is not registered on Tabletopia. Such a player can join the game as a guest (Point 1 of this guide) or join the game using Tabletopia account.
When all the players are available, click the "Start" button and the game will start loading
Welcome to the Ecologic game! In the lower left corner, in the form of a scroll, you can find out the detailed rules of the game itself
No time to explain - just read this=)
And the last point - Tabletopia offers a chat for communication between players during the game.
The life hack is that you can simultaneously turn on Skype or Zoom (etc) and communicate directly.
Important 1
As Guest you can open only one lobby room (and as result, only a single game session is possible).
To open a new lobby room you need to close the previous one.
Just click on the cube in center
...and click the "Close" button
Important 2
In the Tabletopia version of Ecologic, we use the cylinder as the oil refinery token, not the cone. Keep this in mind.

Good Luck / Have Fun
You can find us on discord. There we post the latest news about gaming sessions, events and so on.

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